I am caught between Your long-suffering eyes

that welcome the dawn with a gentle beauty of understanding,

and the vastness of salt purifying ocean,

reflecting both your love and the sky

and in that, there is hope.

So….it’s from this angle that I view my life,

it’s from this angle that I view the world,

it’s exactly where I realize that in your mercy and grace I am forgiven!

Your love reaching to the sky and my sin drowning in the ocean!

In your eyes there’s a consuming fire that my soul cannot hide from

and there for I look in, as if in front of a mirror,

only to be consumed by all the reflections that strip me of all my deceptions,

and in that instant, i cannot help, but to be transformed by the clarity in your eyes,

and now i am awake, only to be thankful, that you have given me your eyes!

By:  Otto Rene Aleman


The Garden

There’s a garden right before me,

and I can already see how beautiful it is,

even though it has yet to yield its fruit,

the soil is rich and full of great potential,

and all I see, is only what my hope and faith allow me to see,

my hope and faith do not allow me to see anything else,

so all I see are beautiful things,

and so I am challenged to toil the hardened ground,

to pluck out any weeds and plant the seeds of what my hope and faith allow me to see,

and so I plant joy, peace, faith, love, longsuffering, patience, kindness, selflessness, and gentleness

just to name a few of those beautiful things,

and this will be the fruit of the greatest garden that I have ever seen

even if I can’t physically see it yet!


By: Otto Rene Aleman


Psalm 150:6
Let everything that has Breath praise the Lord!


Worship is like forming a bridge between heaven and earth

Except we don’t have to cross, Jesus took care of this on the Cross.

And yes, this chasm has been closed, it doesn’t even exist anymore.

We just have to exhale

And release the breath of life that He already breathed in us

To Glorify Him in the knowledge that He is already in us!


By: Otto Rene Aleman

May God bless you all and may He give you the revelation with which this poem was written!

Deeper Reflections

Deeper Reflections

Do not pass up an opportunity to think and become aware,
life is all around you, beating, moving, vibrating, resonating;
there are patterns, currents, and movements from which we can learn;
learn to be become alive, and wake up to something worth dying and living for…something beautiful!



There you are,

you have always been there,

right next to be, right before me and behind me……deep inside of me

and my best strategy has always been to hide, that you would not see me…..or my shame

but this strategy got old and quickly exhausted me, because after seeing the magnitude of your love

I can not keep running or hiding from you, although at times I can’t help but to run and hide from myself

I had to look beyond the shame, because that’s what You did, and you always set the example

You looked at me and You saw Your son, and before You saw your son, You gave Your son, and now………You call me Your son

that I may be remembered, that I may be restored, and that I may have a place in your kingdom

Thank You Lord, for you your magnificent Love…thank You for remembering me, for extending your hand out to me, and taking me by my filthy hands. Where the enemy found me with guilt and shame, You found me with grace and mercy, and while the enemy covered me with darkness and lies of deception, your word became a lamp unto my feet and covered me with truth and light……

 and there I stood, observing as you consistently cast all my fears, all my confusions, all my deceptions, all of my sins and sorrows, as far as the east is to the west…. that I may not see or think about these things any longer. Your love freed me, and continues to free me in the presence of my enemies, from the illusions of this world, from the vanity of the world, from the empty shell in which many find a fake glory…for it has been well stated that everything under the sun is vanity!…. but you oh Lord, you have protected my identity, that I may receive a full-inheritance, for you completely forgave me and opened my eyes that I may be awake for you, therefore I will see eternity. I will see eternity because of your love, your abundant radiant magnificent love

like rivers of living water flowing deep inside of me

oceans of Love like waves crashing right in front of me

every single sin cast away from me like scales falling off of me

from the setting of the sun to the sunrise

purified, mesmerized, and baptized

by the purity of your Son’s precious blood

here I stand

constantly unwrapping the gift that you have placed before me


Thank You God for the Gift of Life that you have graciously bestowed upon me!


By:      Otto Rene Aleman



There’s a song deep inside this fragile heart

a song that resonates and never seems to stop

It’s melody takes the form of vibrations in His heart

as it yearns to be ample and amplified through the dark


This song could calm the biggest storm

it could flood an empty cup of thirst

speak of life or death

and has the capacity to give birth


And although it plays inside this new yet broken heart

it was never created to be kept inside

Infact, it doesn’t even belong to me,

but it’s very essence, moves me


This breath of life that keeps me alive,

This living word inside of me,

Was created to be screamed,

To the ends of the world, and for Eternity!


By:  Otto Rene Aleman


My dearest friends,

I hope this poem is not just a blessing for you, but an inspiration, and a work of art that you could meditate on. With that said, I challenge you to let Gods living word become the song inside your hearts. You will find that when you play this song, it will only produce life in your life and in the lives of those around you. May God bless you always! With much love, Otto Rene Aleman!





So…the other day I was contemplating just how much was sacrificed so that you and I could be free and live in freedom, all the blood that was shed, the tears that where cried, the torture that was taken, and then I thought of Jesus Christ and the most painful weapon method of dying in Rome (the crucifix), and I said to myself, “man, we do not honor the sacrifice of freedom!” So…if you are made to be free, but you are living in chains, slavery, or bondage, this poem is for you! I pray that you would embrace freedom because it has been fully paid for you, if you are clueless about what I mean, find a pastor and ask him some questions!


Here we are

made to be free and feel alive,

but instead feeling sorry as if living a lie…


Our devotion to things that matter is not the same,

are we losing our edge and slowly going insane?

How can we give our time when it is not ours to give anymore?

would this be like the waves reaching their limit on the shore?


perhaps we are missing the boat and this is how it’s going down in history,

but isn’t God the reason and the marvelous mystery of this misery?

without a question!!!


So..No…….. this is not how it is going to be,


We have to remind ourselves that this is the reason He died

that we may be free and fully alive,

He is the victory in the coming of this age

and He is waging war against those things that cause us to rage.


He gave it all for us to full fill our purpose and call,

it’s time for us to stand up when we fall and honor this victory, the very freedom of it all!


So… if you are sitting there like a trader

bowing down to idols and in a routine of religious practices that are dead

the challenge is to open His book and read the truth of what Jesus Christ already did for you instead

You should not sit in the dark without having a clue

But instead embrace this freedom, to know your maker, who’s been patiently waiting for you!


And to share something amazingly beautiful,

You will come to find out that He holds the stars and the oceans in their place for you!


By:          Otto Rene Aleman